Moisture Kits for Balers

Hay growers know that moisture variations are a challenge, and being able to accurately determine and monitor your hay moisture is an important key to success. Whether you bale dry hay for feeding, large square bales for export, or high moisture silage round bales, knowing your exact moisture while baling with a Moisture Kit can help you to produce a consistent and high quality crop needed for  your operation.

These Moisture Kits are the perfect addition to your baler to identify hay moisture variations in the windrow while baling, and are designed for the operators who demand the accuracy of the on-board moisture sensors, but do not need a full preservative applicator. 


Moisture Kits for Large Square Balers

The 600 Moisture Only is common with operators who produce hay for export where preservative use is limited, or in arid areas where dry conditions do not warrant a full preservative applicator normally needed on wet hay.

Consisting of the same starwheel moisture sensors and electronics found on the Automatic Applicator, the 600 Moisture Only kit on large square balers has the ability to:

  • Read moisture from 8% t0 70%
  • Accurate within 1% point of actual moisture
  • Calculates up to 300 field and 30,000 individual bale records
  • Download job records via USB
  • Compatible with all additional precision components
    • Tagger
    • Dye Marker Kit
    • RFV System
    • GPS interface

The 600 Moisture kit is available for any large square baler, and consist of 2 starwheels, main processor, end of bale sensor, and all harnesses. The kit can be controlled through an ISOBUS baler module, an iPad via Bluetooth in the cab, or the standard touch-screen display. The 600 system can be expanded to a full preservative applicator with an additional kit.

See your dealer or contact Harvest Tec for more information.


Moisture Kits for Round Balers

The 300RB Moisture Only kit for round balers is a new system designed for round baler operators who consistently bale at higher moisture levels then dry hay producers, and need an accurate system that reads moisture in wet silage bales as well as dry hay.

Consisting of 2 moisture discs located on each side on the bale chamber, the moisture is measured consistently across the full width of the bale. Considerably more accurate then hand probing or pad-style sensors, the 300RB kit can read moisture levels up to 60%, higher than any round baler sensor on the market.

  • Reads moisture from 8% to 60%
  • Can be used on any Round Baler (excluding fixed chamber balers)
  • iPad compatible

The 300RB Moisture Kit comes with the in-chamber moisture discs, computer processor, and all harnesses. The kit is controlled an iPad via Bluetooth in the cab.

See your dealer or contact Harvest Tec for more information.