Microwave Moisture Sensors

New Microwave Moisture Sensors from Harvest Tec

The most accurate automatic hay preservative applicators for AGCO and CNH large square balers are now available with more precision than ever before with the ability to read crop moisture with on-baler microwave sensors. 

The new microwave kits are an upgrade option to all 600 and 696 kits, and with the two microwave sensors are located on the baler, they give the operator instant, accurate, and reliable moisture readings on the go.

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Case IH

New Holland


Highlights of the microwave kit include:

  • Reads moisture accurately up to 70% for all baling conditions
  • Ability to select between starwheel and microwave sensor input
  • Accurate moisture readings in all types of crop
  • Compatible with other precision components-
    • Moisture Dye Marker
    • RFV System
    • RFV Dye Marker
    • RFID Tagger


Microwave Sensor location is key

The microwave sensors can be mounted in two different locations, depending on the use needed.

For using microwave with preservative application, the sensors are located in the precompression chamber, closer to the pickup where the preservative is applied, and decreasing the lag time between sensing and applying. The sensors read the entire flake as it passes into the chamber

Sensor mounted in precompression chamber

For operators that are running Staheli DewPoint Steamers and just want to know moisture, the two sensors are mounted in the back of the bale chamber. This allows for an accurate artificial moisture reading without the interference from the steam being applied at the front of the baler.

Sensors mounted at the back of the bale chamber

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For more information on how the microwave sensors can benefit your operation, or to price out a kit, please contact your local implement dealer.