NEW 300 Series Automatic Applicators for Round and Small Square balers
The new 300 Automatic Applicator is an improved system for your round or small square baler to make applying preservative easier than before
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Relative Feed Value
This upcoming season, growers will have the ability to determine the Relative Feed Value (RFV) of the hay on the go as they are baling, and store and download that value for future use.
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Knowing Moisture is Key
Whether making dry hay or silage, accurately determining moisture is a crucial element. Harvest Tec on-board Moisture Kits for balers read from 8% to 70% moisture and can keep you in the proper range for your baling operation.
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Better bales with the right hay preservative
You invest a lot of money on your hay operation- make sure your hay preservative is doing what it's supposed to do.
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Microwave Moisture Sensors for Large Square Balers
Advanced precision for your hay operation with the addition of microwave moisture sensors on your large square baler. Accurate up to 70% moisture on both dry and steamed hay.
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Equipment & Products for Quality Hay

Harvest Tec's specialized application equipment and hay preservative are available through the major manufacturers of hay harvesting implements. Your local dealer can assist you in setting up your baler or forage harvester to apply preservatives or add precision equipment.


USU and Harvest Tec Forage Technology Day a success

The joint Harvest Tec and Utah State University field day at the USU Dairy Farm on Aug 24 was a success, as over 60 dairymen, hay brokers, exporters, dealership staff, and growers were in attendance. The attendees learned about the baler-mounted RFV calculator, RFV analysis, and sorting hay by quality for large square balers. Click the link below for a copy of the press release.

USU/HT Press Release