Applicators for Round Balers

dew sim 9-3-03 017 Vermeer 07 007Hay preservative can be used to bale large round bales between 16% and 30% moisture. You have the option of a 25-gallon or, on certain models, a 55-gallon application system. The system mounts to the tongue of the baler and holds enough preservative to treat 30 to 60 tons of hay. Depending on your need, choose the new 300 series automatic system, a 600 series commercial automatic system, an electronic system, or an economical manual control system (available in 25-gallon only).

Moisture Sensors for Round Balers

Automatic systems for round balers are equipped with two moisture sensing discs, one mounted on each of the baler side walls, sensing moisture across the width of the bale via conductivity. The sensors can accurately read crop moisture from 8% to 60%, covering a wide range of moisture levels.


Moisture discs shown mounted on round baler

Product Specs

All applicators come as complete kits designed to fit your specific baler, and consist of:

  • 25 or 55 gallon tank
  • 12 volt pumping system
  • All plumbing and wiring supplied
  • Your choice of control options

Click the link to see more info on the available control options or use the helpful chart below

Control Options for Round Balers

Comparison of Applicator Controls

 Electronic Applicator300 Series Automatic600 Series Automatic
Single Pump SystemXX 
3-Pump Manifold  X
Control Box with Adjustable DialX  
iPad Display XX
IOSBUS Display  X
Built-in Flowmeter XX
Automatic Application XX
Moisture Sensing Capability XX
Job Records by Field XX
Job Records by Individual Bales  X
Calculates Baling Rate: Round Baler  X
Calculates Baling Rate: Small Square Baler, Large Square Baler XX
Export Job Records to iPad  X
Hay Indicator CompatibleXXX
Stroke Counter on Small Square Baler  X
Dye Sprayer Kit Compatible: Small Square Baler, Large Square Baler  X
Tagger Compatible: Large Square Baler  X

600 Series Automatic Control System

The 600 Automatic Applicator is the choice of applicator for the round or small square operator that makes hay commercially or is looking for the added performance and capabilities of the 600 system. 

The 600 system on round balers reads moisture with two discs in the bale chamber up to 70% moisture, and also has a sensor on the bale door to record individual bale records. Both systems have the ability to store and download job and individual bale records via USB and export via iPad. The system can be controlled one of two ways:

  1. If the operator has an ISOBUS tractor with a VT display and is not using it to control the baler, the applicator functions can be viewed through the tractor display.
  2. If the first option is not available to the operator, the Bluetooth receiver is available to allow the customer to operate the applicator through their own iPad. 


300 Series Automatic Control System


The 300 series automatic control system is a more compact and efficient applicator that accurately senses moisture on the go and adjusts the application of preservative to match the condition of the hay. This precision give the operator the exact amount of product required to keep their crop in great condition, without wasting product. The 300 Series applicator is controlled with an iPad* through a Bluetooth receiver, eliminating harnesses in the cab.

New improvements to the 300 Series Automatic Applicator include:

  • Single constant-pressure pump with pulsing solenoid that reacts quickly to changes in application rates
  • Improved flowmeter that works on a range of products
  • Smaller and more compact system that is easier to install and maintain

The applicator takes moisture and baling rate information from the two star wheel sensors on small square balers, and two moisture discs in the bale chamber on round balers, and the system will automatically apply the correct amount of product. The moisture, tonnage, and rates are all displayed on the screen, along with the volume used. A simple push of any Main Menu key pulls up a selection of other screens including adjustable settings and a Job Records screen. The system stores 63 jobs by date and time, number of tons baled, product used, and high and average moisture.

*iPad Mini or iPad 3rd Generation (2012) or newer, with iOS 8 or higher operating system required for iPad option

Electronic Control Systems

electric_controlsThe electronic cab control is a solid state electronic pump control used for large round and large square balers. The control is mounted in the cab or on the fender. Application rate is quickly and easily adjusted from the operator s seat. Once set, the electronic control will hold the application rate constant. This unit is included with all 25-and 55-gallon applicators with electronic control. It is also included with 100-gallon applicators with electronic control for large square balers.


Manual Control Systems

manual_controlsThe manual pressure regulator provides full-rate adjustment at the applicator. This economical control is available for 25-gallon applicators only.


Your hay is important. Make sure your preservative does what it says it will.

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Moisture Tester

Part# FX2000

Delmhorst FX-2000, Digital Hay Moisture Meter measures moisture levels in the windrow and standard bales.

Microcontroller circuit
Can be used for on-the-go moisture monitoring or as a portable meter
In continuous mode:
Takes two readings every second
Displays the average and highest of eight accumulated readings
Readings updated every 4 seconds
Back lighted display
In portable mode
Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
Displays average and highest of accumulated readings
Measures moisture content over the range of 6%-40%
Ideal for high volume producers who need the time-saving convenience of on-the-go monitoring


Crop Sensing Eye Kit

Part# 474A

The hay indicator senses hay on the balers pick-up automatically, starting and stopping the application.

Part #
474A Hay Indicator Kit for use with 464 Automatic
Control, 2005 & newer Automatic & Electronic Controls


Floor-Mounted Applicator Pause Switch

Part# 475 The floor-mounted applicator pause switch is an inexpensive addition to your application system the enables the operator to easily stop and start the applicator. For use with any automatic application system, 2005 and newer.


Transfer Pumps

Part# 9214, 9212, 9213
To transfer Baler’s Choice Hay Preservative safely and easily from your storage container to your applicator tank, use any of the following transfer pumps:

Model 9214: For a rapid transfer rate of 14 gallons per minute, this 12-volt unit can get the job done quickly.

Model 9212: This standard output, 12-volt model, will transfer preservative at a rate of 4 gallons per minute.

Model 9213: This inexpensive hand transfer pump is ideal for transferring small amounts of preservative easily.


Flow Meter

Part# 453 Digital Electronic Flow Meter
for use with any Harvest Tec preservative applicator delivering between 40 and 500 pounds per hour. The flow meter reads the application rate in pounds per hour and total pounds used.

Dye Sprayer Marking System

Part # 030-0840
The Dye Sprayer Marking System is a simple way to visibly mark the wet areas on your large square bales. Compatible with the Model 696 Automatic Applicator, the Model 600 Moisture Monitor for any large square baler, the 3-gallon system is mounted near the bale chamber and when the adjustable high moisture alarm sounds, the system will spray a red-colored, food-grade dye on the exact location on the bale for a quick and easy reference.


GPS Interface Kit

Part # 030-0880
By incorporating the GPS into the Model 600 Moisture Monitor, 696 Automatic Applicator, or Bale ID Tagger, the producer has the ability to create yield maps for their crops, allowing them to gain the knowledge needed to maximize productivity. The kit consists of a removeable data storage card and GPS interface harness that is compatible with the Trimble 162 AgGPS, which is purchased separately from a Trimble dealer.




600 and 300 Series Applicator kits DO NOT include displays.

600 and 300 Applicator kits will now include a Bluetooth receiver for iPad operation.

*Contact Your Local Vermeer Dealer For Pricing*


Baler Model300 Series Automatic
Electronic Control
Upgrade to 300 Automatic

504M, 505M3464484C441448443944843U64484C
Rebel Series3464484C441448443944843U64484C
XL Series3464484C441448443944843U64484C


Baler Model600 Series Automatic
300 Series Automatic
Electronic Applicator
Upgrade to 300 Automatic

404, 504 Pro6494523B3494523B44845233U94523C
604M, 605M6494505B3494505B44845053U94505C


Baler Style600 Series Moisture OnlyUpgrade to Auto Applicator
Round Baler030-600RBContact Harvest Tec


DescriptionPart Number
400 Series iPad Conversion Kit (Bluetooth receiver)030-4672A
600 Series iPad Conversion Kit (Bluetooth receiver)030-6672A
iPad Mini Mounting Kit030-2012MK
iPad Mini & Mounting Kit Combo (iPad Mini, mount, charger)030-2670DK
Baler Mounted Moisture Tester008-FX2000
Hay Indicators (Crop-Eyes)030-474A
12V Electronic Transfer Pump (4 Gal/Min)008-9212
12V Electronic Transfer Pump (15 Gal/Min)008-9214
110V Electronic Transfer Pump (4 Gal/Min)008-9215

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