Hesston Forage Harvester

Pull-Type Forage Harvester

hesson_sprayerThe 55-gallon system can be used to lubricate the blower band on pull-type forage harvesters when harvesting alfalfa silage. Or, in can be used to apply inoculant on any crop. Harvest Tec has developed a blower band lubricator nozzle that places water on the implements blower housing, reducing horsepower requirements and increasing efficiency in crop flow.


  • 55-gallon plastic tank
  • Steel frame clamps to implement s tongue
  • 12 volt bypass pump (regulation by changing tips)
  • All required plumbing & electrical components are included

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Pull-Type Forage Harvesters
55 Gallon Application Systems
Forage Harvester Model
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Hesston-All 655