H2O Precision Moisture Sensor

H2O Precision Moisture Sensor for Round Balers

Round baler operators know that moisture variations are a challenge, and being able to accurately determine and monitor your hay moisture is an important key to success. Whether you bale dry hay or high moisture silage round bales, knowing your exact moisture while baling can help you to produce a consistent and high quality crop needed for  your operation.

The H2O Precision Moisture Sensor is the perfect addition to your round baler to identify hay moisture variations in the windrow while baling, and is designed for the operators who demand the accuracy of the on-board moisture sensors, but do not need a full preservative applicator. 


H2O Precision Moisture Sensor

The H2O Precision Moisture Sensor for round balers is a new system designed for round baler operators who consistently bale at higher moisture levels then dry hay producers, and need an accurate system that reads moisture in wet silage bales as well as dry hay.

Consisting of two discs located on each side on the bale chamber, the moisture is measured consistently from side-to-side, across the full width of the bale. Considerably more accurate then hand probing or pad-style sensors, the H2O kit can read moisture levels up to 60%, higher than any round baler sensor on the market.

  • Reads moisture from 8% to 60% accurately
  • Can be used on ANY round baler
  • Rugged disc plates are designed for long-term use with minimal wear
  • Patented side-to-side technology is more accurate than single pad style sensors


Moisture discs mounted on the sides of the bale chamber read moisture across the width of the bale


The H2O kit comes with the in-chamber moisture discs, harness, and processor. The sensor kit uses the operators Apple or Android smart phone or tablet as the monitor, through the free H2O app available on iTunes or Google Play Store. 



Use any smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android, with the free H2O app as the display to monitor the moisture





Dye Marker Kit for the H2O Precision Moisture Sensor

The optional Dye Marker Accessory can be added to the H2O Moisture Sensor that will mark every bale that is above a set moisture with a red, food-grade stripe. The bale is marked as it leaves the chamber, allowing the operator to easily identify those bales that are above their own moisture threshold. The food-grade dye mixes with water and applies up to 60 bales.

Round bales in the field that have been marked as high moisture bales, allowing for easy identification


The Dye Marker Accessory consists of a tank, pump, end of bale sensor kit (200FCA), harness, and mounts on the baler.  The spray option can be activated by selecting the feature in the H2O App and simply setting the moisture threshold you want to identify.


H2O Precision Moisture Sensor and Dye Marker Video

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