New Holland CropEWS Microwave Moisture System


Microwave Moisture Sensors for New Holland Large Square Balers

Introducing the New Holland CropEWS Microwave Moisture Sensor option for large square balers. An add-on kit that can give you more precision than ever before with the ability to read crop moisture with on-board microwave sensors. 

The microwave sensors can be used one of two ways, depending on your operation.


For use with the Dew Point Steamer

  • Mounted on the back of the bale chamber
  • Accurately senses changes in artificial moisture
  • Individual bale information recorded – time/date, average and high moisture, bale weight, RFV/TDN, GPS position
  • Export bale information to iPad via Hay App
  • Displays through baler ISOBUS or iPad
  • Available for any large square balers equipped with Staheli Dew Point Steamer
  • Select either microwave (when steaming) or star wheels (for applying preservative)


Microwave sensors located on the bale chute

Kits Include:

  • 2 Microwave Sensors 
  • Mounting brackets for back of chamber
  • 25′ power/communication harness

Kit Description                                                                             Part Number

Microwave Moisture Chute Upgrade Kit                                      HT701EWSDS


For use with Preservative Applicators

  • Mounted in the pre-compression chamber, closer to the pickup where preservative is applied
  • Accurately reads moisture across individual flakes through the pre-compression chamber eliminating lag time
  • Available for all large square balers
  • Upgrade option to all 600 series applicators
  • Moisture displayed through the baler ISOBUS or iPad
  • Select either microwave or star wheels moisture sensor input
  • Reads crop moisture accurately up to 70%


Microwave sensors located in pre-compression chamber

Kits Include:

  • 2 Microwave Sensors 
  • Power/communication harness

Kit Description                                                                                                  Part Number

Microwave Moisture Pre-Compression Chamber Kit                                      HT700EWSDS